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Minneapolis, MN 7/18/13 Take Me Home Tour

Take Me Home Tour - Minneapolis 7/18/13 (p.s. Zayn’s glasses asdfghjkdgfdtsfgjhkrhj I’m in love)

1000 reblogs and I wont kill myself tonight.


Nobody will fucking care without somebody tumblr famous promoting this. 




I’ve decided that at my funeral I want Another One Bites The Dust to be playing on repeat 


this one time I had a shirt with a huge Where’s Waldo? scene on it and everyone would try and find Waldo and it was all fun and games for them until I pointed out that Waldo was in between my boobs. 

Safe to say, I no longer own that shirt.









One of the saddest photos I’ve saved in my computer.
No fucking way.
oh my god
Mother of God. 
oh my holy god.
oh my god  :(…………
oh god.
they obviously didn’t die if the picture was uploaded to the computer… but its still sad!
^ the camera with this picture on was found in the the rubble after the attack.  
reblogging every time.
omgg </3
this made me cry! </3
Oh my god
Imagine the aftermath.
This is honestly one of  the most intense photos i have seen from 9/11. So sadThis is sad to look at  looking how calm he is and not knowing whats about to happen 
this photo makes me feel so sick :(
fuck i bursted out into tears 
Fuck. To prove this isn’t a photoshop job or anything, reblog and click the picture, then look at this picture again.
omg this is so sad


Reblog everytime

Am I the only one that looks at the plane and thinks that it’s smiling? To me, the windows look like disgusting, beady eyes, and the red looks like a grinning satisfied mouth. This makes me so sick and sad. 

almost crying ok

i don’t care if this doesn’t “fit my blog”. it has changed the world in so many ways. you can just imagine that in a few short moments, the plane would crash right into the building bringing down everyone inside :( this is so sad.

this is sickening

brb crying
Hold up I’m going to cry now

You guys do know that this picture has been proven a fake right? Here’s the info: 
Midtown Manhattan is easily discernible in the background, behind the blissfully unaware subject with his wool cap and backpack, which means the photographer was facing north when the photo was snapped. Only one of the jetliners that collided with the World Trade Center on September 11 approached from that direction, American Airlines Flight #11, which struck the north tower (One World Trade) at 8:45 a.m. Here’s the thing. The north tower didn’t have a rooftop observation deck such as the one pictured above. Even if it had, it wouldn’t have been open to tourists at such an early hour of the morning.

Here are more discrepancies to ponder:
Why isn’t the fast-moving aircraft more blurry in the snapshot?

Why doesn’t the subject (or the photographer, for that matter) seem cognizant of the plane’s approach?

According to news reports, the temperature was between 65 and 70 degrees that morning. Why is this man dressed for winter?

How would the camera have survived the 110-story fall when the WTC tower collapsed?

How would the camera have been found so quickly in all that rubble?
I love Tumblr, but I swear some of us are the most gullible people to exist.